Monday, April 11, 2011

Mommy trying to keep up

Lately I have been trying to do more things with my kids but they are definitely getting to the age where they don't wanna hang out with mom except when they want to I really wasn't expecting that till they were about 13. I understand not wanting to hang out with mom but I also cant just drop everything when they want my attention or need it with an eight month old that doesn't really work so I'm trying to balance three girls the best I can. I also am realizing three girls is going to be such a hand full in their teen yrs. but I do think it will also be very rewarding. My seven yr. old is just hilarious she makes me laugh all the time but she is also the most work she has a huge personality but is the sweetest little thing as well. My ten yr. old is quite but is ten going on thirteen with her attitude and my eight month old seems like eight months going on to toddler pushing me way. Lately with the changes in the girls it feels like invasion of the body snatchers lol what happen to my kids.