Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Another Crazy Day As A Mom

Today started off as another crazy day it was snowing so the schools were closed now all three of my girls are home instead of just the one. So I thought the baby is still asleep I can sleep in a bit wrong what was I thinking 7:40 am on the dot my older two kids come running louder than anything its snowing can we go out and play in it really I haven't even been awake 10 mins. I tell them give me a bit then you can go out well i gave in just to get them out of my hair and so they didn't wake the baby which was a miracle the didn't. Took for ever to get them all bundled up just for them to go outside and come back in a few mins. later its cold I said yes there is snow out there now go back out they had a great time.The baby woke up soaked again I wasn't surprised but I just really don't understand why its only at night we have this problem I also wanted to start the baby on a shedule today I did try but not sure yet how well it worked I also for the first time let my ten yr old change the baby its not that I feel she cant I just feel its my job but then I also think at her age I was baby sitting and changing diapers she really should do this every now and then so I did let her and it went fine I figured at the worst everyone would need a bath.I finally got a little time to work on my product I'm super excited about it almost done yay. Now what will tomorrow bring

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Day In The Life Of a Mother

Today started out as a crazy day with the kids trying to get them ready for school the baby woke up earlier than normal and once again she was covered in pee it doesn't seem to matter time I change her at night or how many times she almost always wakes up soaked so my morning isn't going so great and to stick the baby in the tub and get the other kids off to school. The cat is recking havoc and chasing the kids bouncing of furniture and its not even 8am yet. The kids are now at school the baby is very fussy and I need to get some work done and now its snowing I really don't want to go out in the snow to pick the kids up but have no other choice I wish I had a magic wand and could just make the kids appear home that would really come in handy.Now its noon wonder how the rest of the day is gonna go its early day so we will see.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wash Rag Critter Ideas

So while my 6 month old was watching her favorite show, I came up with the idea to make "Wash Rag Critters" for my Etsy Store. I started the process by sketching out some designs on the different characters that my daughter likes in her show.

The next step was to decide the size of the wash rags. It took me a couple iterations to determine a useful size. I compared the sizes to retail baby wash rags and determined that the retail rags are to small for bath time. They were also to thin, and did not hold the soap to maintain a lather while washing the baby.

 With these thoughts, I headed off to the local fabric store in search of the perfect fabric. I found some great ultra cuddly fleece that just so happen to be in some great colors that my daughter got excited about.

After finding the perfect fabric, I headed back the house and worked with my sketches to create a pattern. I started by making one of each critter and figured I let my daughter try them out. She was very excited to have new friends and they were very stimulating. The ultra cuddly fleece worked out great. They are bright colored, and extra soft as not to harm the baby. They lather very well and hold soap well throughout the bath time.

The overall project has been a great success. My daughter loves to play with her new critter wash rags, even outside of bath time.

To see the finished product, check them out at my Etsy store, or to see them specificaly CLICK HERE.