Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Another Crazy Day As A Mom

Today started off as another crazy day it was snowing so the schools were closed now all three of my girls are home instead of just the one. So I thought the baby is still asleep I can sleep in a bit wrong what was I thinking 7:40 am on the dot my older two kids come running louder than anything its snowing can we go out and play in it really I haven't even been awake 10 mins. I tell them give me a bit then you can go out well i gave in just to get them out of my hair and so they didn't wake the baby which was a miracle the didn't. Took for ever to get them all bundled up just for them to go outside and come back in a few mins. later its cold I said yes there is snow out there now go back out they had a great time.The baby woke up soaked again I wasn't surprised but I just really don't understand why its only at night we have this problem I also wanted to start the baby on a shedule today I did try but not sure yet how well it worked I also for the first time let my ten yr old change the baby its not that I feel she cant I just feel its my job but then I also think at her age I was baby sitting and changing diapers she really should do this every now and then so I did let her and it went fine I figured at the worst everyone would need a bath.I finally got a little time to work on my product I'm super excited about it almost done yay. Now what will tomorrow bring

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