Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awesome Baby Blocks

So while I was shopping I have been looking for blocks for my 7 month old. they are kind of hard to find and the one set I did find wasn't that great so I decided to come up with  my own for her and my  for my Etsy Store. I started the process by sketching out some designs.

The next step was to decide the size of the blocks. It took me a couple trys to determine a good size for her little hands. I also did some research to find out what people use to make it crinkle since she really likes the noise.

With these thoughts, I headed off to the local fabric store in search of the perfect fabric. I found some great fleece and cotton that I just loved as well as my three daughters.

After finding the perfect fabric, I headed back the house and worked with my sketches to come up with the right size blocks. I started by making one of each block and figured I let my daughter try them out. Who is a better tester than a baby that's gonna chew it, throw it, and rub it all over there faces.

She just loves her blocks and my older kids have been asking me to make them some but bigger so they can throw them around and as a busy mommy then I don't have to worry about them hurting anyone or anything.

The cuddly fleece and cotton worked out great. They are bright colored, and extra soft as not to harm baby.

The overall project has been a great success. My daughter loves to play with her new blocks.

To see the finished product, check them out at my Etsy store, or to see them specifically CLICK HERE.


  1. Thank you for sharing this process. I made block for my little girl but she did not play with them ;(

  2. What a great idea! great job. I found you from Etsy team page and I will become a follower...check out my blog and I hope you will do the same.

  3. i love them! my 5th niece is due this august and i know she would LOVE these (cos her parents are cool people)!

    i found you on etsy success lounge. won't you please follow me?

  4. Thanks lady's I am now following your blogs and going to look for you on etsy.