Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ribbon Security Blankets

I have been wanting for awhile now to make security blankets for my Etsy Store I think they are great for little ones to have. I had a sesame street one as a little girl and I took it everywhere I wore it down so much my mom had to have a back up one but I didn't know that at the time I always felt better having it with me and I still have it to this day.

So once again my next step was to decide what size I wanted to make them and what fabric to use since owls seem to be popular I found some cute owl fabric and since I LOVE pirates I also found some pirate fabric and a couple others as well. I then decided what sizes I wanted to make them and got to work.

I also knew I wanted to make some look like quilts since I love to quilt and  what a great way to incorporate the two. It also makes a  good sensory blanket for baby by adding ribbons. I also decided to use batting in some of them to make them all that much more soft and lovable.
They came out just beautiful !

Your little one will love to cuddle, snuggle, chew, grab, throw, rub and drag this blanket everywhere they go!

The overall project came out wonderfully and is a  great success now I just need to make some more.

To see the finished product, check them out at my Etsy store, or to see them specifically CLICK HERE.

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